Lynn Marino - Showing Artist

Myself, like most gourd artists, let the gourds do the talking. They tell me what they are to become: a bowl, vase, birdhouse, or even a whimsical character. I enjoy the transition process from a dirty hard fruit into a beautiful piece of fine art. This process may include pyrography, sculpting, carving, dyeing, painting or weaving. This can take from hours to weeks till the piece is completed.

I receive great satisfaction when someone breaks into a smile when they see one of my gourds for the first time. I always welcome the opportunity to share my love and knowledge of gourds to others. The gourd, Mother Nature's canvas. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

This artist has a web site; click here to visit.

Teresa Wamble - Showing Artist

Originally from West Tennessee, I graduated from American University in Washington, D. C. in 1967 with an art education degree and taught art at George C. Marshall High School in Falls Church, Virginia for one year. Though working at other jobs, including 14 years with Walt Disney World as a convention/group, sales/service rep, I always made use of art skills on the job or off and chose to pursue art full time after my daughters were grown.

Though previously a painter, I discovered gourds and fell in love with their possibilities. My husband brings home wings, moths, butterflies, etc, and they become my patterns. I work in my basement and participate in about 20 art shows a year around Alabama. It is humbling that people love my work enough to want it for themselves, friends, or family. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

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